Finger Painting

Just a little insight this month as to how I’m trying to add to my painting tool kit.  Recently I have begun to use my fingers to add colour, blend and soften certain areas of my paintings ...

I have found that I can really work in shapes, and colours to add another depth to my work.  If you work the paint over and over you can get a lovely soft blend. Also if you just apply the paint in quick sweeping, moving strokes you can obtain some exciting results.

It’s quite important to keep your finger tips as clean as possible, otherwise the colours will muddy up.  And if you find that you have excess paint it looks a bit heavy. I do make a few finishing sweeps with my trusty palette knife, to flatten and blend the colours gently. With a very light touch though!

I’ve added a few photos just to show in detail the kind of thing I mean. Do have a go, remember to be brave and confident in both your application and choice of colour.

Till next time... Kr Joe

Finger Painting