A Step Into The Unknown

Thursday 19th July

Today I’m starting work on the 2 biggest paintings I have ever painted. I must say I feel strange, nervous about what they will end up like. It’s not the size that worries me but will I be able to deliver something good enough. I’ve made some test pieces which have given me some help but I’m still unsure in my mind which way to start. Should the colours be strong or more pastelly. Should I include the figures? Should I keep it all swirly like my original plan?

I’ve had comments and feedback from friends and relations, but the man in my head keeps telling me to trust my own instinct, so I’ve decided to do that at whatever cost.

I’m just gonna dive in and do what comes naturally, see where the journey takes me... I suppose that’s the best bit, the unknown. I just wanted people who like my work to understand where I’m trying to go.

When you paint it’s very easy to get into a comfortable place. If your lucky people buy your work and you can just keep doing more of the same thing. After a while you start to wonder, what’s next, what does the future look like for me as an artist. Well, I won’t know until I try. So working on these 2 paintings is the start.

I’ve decided to call the 2 paintings ‘The Bathers’ they are loosely based on a photo which was given to me and Annie as a gift. We were coming out of the sea after a swim. Great memory!

The Create Gallery in Mawgan Porth, Bedruthan and Scarlet have agreed to display the 2 paintings together as a pair... which should look very powerful... if anything, just to see them hanging together in a prestigious hotel would be worth the effort.

I’m looking forward to standing side by side when they are hanging... maybe someone will feel the same way and want to keep them... let’s see what happens?

Experimental Painting

Pictured above are my test pieces and sketches working up to the final sized pieces.