A Manic August

It’s been mad this month in the studio ... I've delivered two of my largest pieces yet, ‘The Bathers’, to the Bedruthan Hotel. I'm just waiting for them to be hung at the Bedruthan's sister hotel, The Scarlet, by the curator.

Along with this I have just finished one of the largest commissions I’ve ever undertaken ‘Magnolias’ 2m x 1m. I have really enjoyed painting this piece, so much so that I’ve got another canvas the same size which I will be starting tomorrow. I painted the background a Strawberry crush colour ... and I haven’t got a clue what to put on it. Think I’m going to go for one of my abstracts and live dangerously.

I have a couple of art demos coming up when I return from holiday, at Truro Arts ... should be interesting, how big can I go in a few hours of painting! Haha! To find out more about these upcoming events please visit my events page.

Recently I’ve been working out little sketches for the abstract paintings before starting on the canvasses. This is quite therapeutic and is a clean moment of thought that I enjoy before I get covered in paint. Like two sides of a coin. Another little jump forward.

Some people will think why change what you’re doing when it seems to be working well. The answer to that is ... I can always paint what’s gone before ... but to have an idea in your head that is only in your imagination is a fantastic challenge and where I get most enjoyment.

So I’ll keep trying to push my artistic style forward . . .

Until next time, thanks for reading!


The Bathers

Pictured above:‘The Bathers’

August Paintings

Pictured above‘Magnolias’ and 'Walking The Dog'