Looking for a New Approach

Just a note to explain what I’m trying to do in my new work.

I’ve been painting landscapes of Cornwall for a few years now and I’ve developed a successful style over the last five years. Some people would say, why change something that works, but I’ve always wanted to try something modern.

I’m not even sure what modern is, but I’ve been experimenting . . . I have a vision in my mind of flowing colours, flowing figures that mingle with their surroundings . . . so that it looks abstract. I’m always reminded of the simplicity of the early cave paintings but I also like the flowing lines of the Art Noveau period. The problem I have at the moment is that I seem to be able to come up with a layout that I’m happy with, but I’m finding it difficult to translate this to large canvasses.

I often paint a few small canvasses as test pieces but it’s hard to carry the looseness over to a bigger scale.

I’ve been looking at my current work, trying to identify what makes my work recognisable as a Joe Armstrong piece, and attempting to incorporate this into the slightly new approach.

I will still paint my landscapes for the local galleries but I’m determined to branch out into another area once I find the correct recipe as a way of keeping my work interesting and fresh.

It feels a bit dangerous right now but all I can say is watch this space . . . fingers crossed I’ll come up with something that feels right!

Thanks for reading Joe


Experimental Art Piece


The Dog, Fog and I