Contact Joe

Joe Armstrong Art, 54 Quenchwell Road, Carnon Downs, Truro, Cornwall TR3 6LZ

Mobile 07955 146112

Buying from Joe Armstrong Art

If you would like to buy one of my paintings or sculptures, pay me by simply clicking on this PayPal link below.

Then email me with the title of the piece you have purchased and your details. I will come back to you by return.

Alternately email me at or message me on 07955 146112 and let me know the piece that you are interested in. I will come back to you straight away with my bank details.

Once funds have been paid into my bank or Paypal account, I will courier your painting or sculpture in a wooden crate. I will need your name, phone number and email address for the courier.

Kr Joe

One to One Painting Sessions

Throughout the year I am offering One to One painting sessions. 3 hours, usually weekday mornings. 10am till 1pm, materials included, £150. Ideal for a gift or for any artists that are interested in the way I work. Mesaage me if you would like to book a session.


If you would like to commission Joe Armstrong Art to produce a special painting or sculpture for you. Message me in the same way with dimensions. Paintings usually take from 2 weeks to dry, plus framing and delivery. Bronze Sculptures take around 2 months from order to delivery. I usually ask for 50% deposit with order and then payment on completion. I will send you photographs of the final piece for your approval. You will have about 24 hours to come back to me with any amendments before the paint starts to go off. If you send me photograph of the room where the painting will be hung. I can photoshop the painting in place for you, so you see how it works. I regularly produce commissions for customers all over the world, Im sure you will enjoy the experience.


150cm x 150cm - £7150

150cm x 120cm - £6000

120cm x 100cm - £4235

120cm x 60cm  - £3350

100cm x 100cm - £3680

100cm x 80cm - £3520

100cm x 70cm - £3410

80cm x 80cm - £3245

73cm x 73cm - £3150

70cm x 90cm - £2750

60cm x 90cm - £2400

60cm x 60cm - £1495

60cm x 50cm - £1325

50cm x 50cm - £1295

50cm x 40cm - £980

40cm x 40cm - £925

40cm x 30cm - £715

30cm x 30cm - £695

26cm x 30cm - £595

15cm x 15cm - £350